OgreFest Starter Package:package:

  • :100:% free access to the game for life. No catch.

  • Free 80 pearls:white_circle: sent to the mailbox:mailbox_with_mail: of the logged in character every 30 minutes or so spent online; actively or otherwise.

  • Disabled weather system by default due to performance issues.
    To enable it client-side, type /weather in General (White) chat in-game.
    To disable it yet again, just relog. Meaning, exit to the Character Selection screen and log back in to one of or the same character of ours.

  • Support from our wonderful, best of the best Staff members.

  • All possible content available according to the rates stated in the table below:

:page_facing_up: Rate :bar_chart:
Combat:crossed_swords: EXP and Item Drops:scroll: ~4x
Life:green_heart: and Guild:busts_in_silhouette: EXP ~4x
Gathering:herb:, Fishing:fishing_pole_and_fish: and Skill:muscle: EXP ~3x
Horse Breeding:racehorse: ~15x

:heart_exclamation:Have Fun:heart_exclamation:

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