OgreFest Starter Package:package:

  • :100:% free access to the game for life.
    No catches involved.

  • Free of charge, Pearl 8 pearls sent directly to your pearls balance every 30 minutes or so spent online; actively or otherwise.
    Additionally, you can get a Pearl Box 16 pearls box as a rare drop by playing actively (vanquishing :smiling_imp: monsters, working on those :fishing_pole_and_fish: Life Professions and/or doing:grey_exclamation:Quests).

    Please note that the pearl box has a drop rate completely separate from the drop rate of every other items.
    The Pearl Shop on OgreFest has lower pearl value, hence the low pearl income.

  • :desktop: Support from our wonderful, best of the best Staff members.

  • In the case you would like to support us by monetary means, you can do so over at the donation page.

  • All possible content (including Lahn) available according to the rates stated in the table below:

⌘ Description :bar_chart: Rate
:sparkles: Item Drops ~4x
:crossed_swords: Combat EXP ~4x
:military_medal: Skill EXP ~4x
:angel: Karma Gain ~6.5x
:mountain: Exploration EXP ~4x
:muscle: Fitness EXP ~4x
:fishing_pole_and_fish: Life Professions EXP ~4x
:european_castle: Guild Skill EXP ~4x
:horse_racing: Horse EXP ~3x
:horse: Horse Skill EXP ~7x

:heart_exclamation:Have Fun:heart_exclamation:

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