Patch 1.7 - Market and Quest.

Hey! Even working with the old and still experimental things, we wanted to give a brief update to the game thou the quality would be improved. Today we have performed these changes to be able to prepare for the future better.


  • Internally implemented two seater riding (fixed the issue where you would be teleported back after riding a horse with a two seater).
  • Fixed a bug where striker quest [Striker] All Ready could not be completed because of missing NPC’s.
  • Fixed a bug where in quest [Striker] Echo of Spirit the monster would do any actions.
  • Improved horse taming by using the new rng system.
  • Fixed a bug where player location would not be updated properly.
  • From now on new characters will start from level 6. This will fix an issue that all new players experienced in the past with skill instructor.
  • Implemented marketplace progress saving.
  • Weapon, Accessory and Armor marketplace prices have been updated.
  • Enchanting items will now use the new rng system.
  • Reverted accuracy formula temporarily for this patch.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not obtain Musa Awakening quest knowledge in [Musa] Musa from the Western Frontiers.
  • !!!!!!! All walker NPC's have been disabled temporarily to debug poor AI performance. !!!!!!!
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Firt of all, thanks for all your hard work :)

Second, you said:

@TheObserver said in Patch 1.7 - Market and Quest.:

  • Improved horse taming by using the new rng system.

I’m sorry but I can’t seem to tame anything, the wild horses still aren’t afraid and you can’t throw a rope at them :(

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