Tamer error

The monster invoked by the Tamer class does not respond to commands given by the skills

when summoning heilang the pet dont move or use spell when use Q (for example). When riding him all attacks deal 0 damage too. this class is one who have the highest number of bugs, we need you to repair this.

Thank you for any support !

i will send some screenshot!0_1506530786287_2017-09-27_702085188.JPG )0_1506530804501_2017-09-27_702110128.JPG 0_1506530824862_2017-09-27_702147702.JPG 0_1506530844830_2017-09-27_702151841.JPG during the first pic i deal normal damage and my personal skills work, next i summon heilang and i use “void lightning” heilang start the animation but cancel before dealing any damage, on the 2 last pics im riding heilang and try to kill monsters, they are level 20 and im 49 but i deal 0.

Senior Game Master

I was expecting a related ID or IDs. But thanks for the screens nonetheless.

thank you! :) if i can help you with anything usefull for patch this, i will do my best!

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