Problem close

My game closes alone before it goes into the selection of champions.

Perform a file repair. There is a chance that you have skipped it and not downloaded required modules.

I started de game but show up a black window and closed the game

@luizH741 Delete Black Desert from My Documents

Well, if you can’t get to character selection, i.e you crash when clicking “Connect” button, it means that you didn’t download required files to connect to the server.

If you see a black screen, it is usually internal or external fault.

Internally you can troubleshoot with:

  • Delete Black Desert from My Documents
  • Delete Cache from root of your Black Desert Online installation.

Externally you can troubleshoot with:

  • Making sure you do not have overclocking applications such as Microsoft Afterburner
  • Restarting your computer into safe mode and seeing if it runs Black Desert.
  • Updating your graphic drivers.

this game work in windows 10 32biets?

@luizH741 Generally it’s recommended to use Windows x64. We have not tested x86 version.

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