[Training] Horse Exp Rate

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Description: The horse exp rate have been nerfed TREMENDOUSLY.
With the merchant wagon I usually got 560xp every 16~ seconds. Now the horses get 560 xp (like 2% more at the moment because of event, I think) every 48~ seconds. Horse training without a wagon seems to be less aswell. A horse on autorun (T3) would usually get 560xp every 10seconds, it is now every 16~ seconds.

Proof: I can make a video showing you my current XP rate if you want, but I can’t really prove it was more before.

Family name: Convallaria

That was not fixed yet. I made measurements today. T3 Horse, Merchant Wagon with merchant wagon wheel and belle epoque set, I get 576 of exp every 48 sec on autorun and 33 sec on manual. And my wagon sometimes (not many times, more like rarely) does 118% of speed, what should be normal for this combination. But it does 100% most of the time.

Edit: And I used Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes and Venia Riding Attire. It doesnt make any difference in horses exp.

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