[Fixed] [Spawn] Centaurus Seeker

NPC ID: 21074
Quest ID: 5003/3

The Centaurus Seeker NPCs needed for the quest seems to not be spawning; I have looked through the entire Centaurus area and have not found a single one.


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Ehh, they all went under the map! :joy:

Will be looking into this.

i cant find it too, all they undermap so how we do this quest =,=

I was going to make a new bug report, but this spells it out quite nicely. Unable to complete quest since it seems the Seekers are not spawning properly.

I’m surprised it wasn’t fixed yet. Glad you found the thread and bumped it @carlcorey
This isn’t the only NPC underground- There are many more underground which hasn’t been fixed either

Threre are minimum 10 topics about Centaurus Seeker.

And they are not underground. They not even spawned.

I’m not sure if this has been resolved since the most recent patch; regardless, the centaurus seeker does not seem to be spawning at all. Otherwise, I would have been able to see the yellow objective mobs on the mini map. I wonder how others have passed this part of the quest line all the way up to kama quests.

8 months later and this is still a problem.
Please resolve.

indeed, because of this problem there are many other problems in the gameplay

Game Master

Although it might seem like it at the first glance, this issue has not been forgotten.

This issue and issues similar to this one are caused by invalid/outdated geodata, which we are in the process of updating. However this is a huge task which is why we are aiming to have it released alongside the new core. That said, it’s not impossible that it will be released before then, just that it is improbable.

Had this issue been a simple fix only affecting the Centaurs this would have been fixed day one. Unfortunately this is a core component affecting all player, npc and monster collision and navigation. Which is why we need to tread carefully while dealing with these issues.

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