[Quest] The Kite Lives!

ID: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1500/9/

Description: Quest says: “Siyunchae is willing to fix the kite if you are willing to do his chore for him. Deliver a sack of fish to Sihuram.” But there is no fish sacks to deliver. I’ve searched Port Ratt over and over and there is no such fish sacks that can be delivered. So i’m assuming they are not spawned or something.

Proof: Can’t find any video’s of people doing it normally so I’m just assuming that it’s a standard delivery quest where the delivery objects are not spawned. I THINK that they should be near this guy:

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same here, searched the whole town but no fishbags to carry. quest npc’s says, they should be “near”.

regards pacy

the quest is still bugged, as mangoria still not really fully implemented. Beware, never keep your fishing boat at port ratt dock manager, or you never able to take out your boat no more. it will stuck there.

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