[Fixed] [Quest] Geoffrey's Chance

ID: 3120/4
The Quest says to deliver the letter to Geoffrey Erne, but when I get to his location, he isn’t there, I have already tried to restart the game, and to forfeit the quest and do it again but it doesn’t change anything.0_1506599170797_2017-09-28_843635843.JPG

Family: Banzhay
Character: Hiroshy
Discord: Beinhor#2062

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The quest is

NPc missing, but there is another Geoffrey erne and he cant accpet the quest.

Part of a Sode Story consec mission.

31/10-17 still bugged


Some NPC’s added after v491 aren’t implemented into the game as of yet. I am unable to specify which NPC’s this consists of. We will be working on implementing all parts of the game up to v49. except for a few things here and there.

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