Cryptogram token is null

As soon as I launch the game and hit “start” I get a message that says “Cryptogram token is null” and the client shuts down.

Yes, ogrefest is allowed in my firewall. Yes, I hit the start button as soon as it shows up. I’ve tried this on two different PCs and I’ve only been successful once.

Solution for “Cryptogram token is null” is always hit start button as soon as it shows up, and you have done it.
So my suggestion is to keep trying until it get pass. Or try to free more cpu and memory before launching the game, hopefully it will help the start button shows up faster.

I literally can’t do it faster than I do. And I have 1800x with 16GB of RAM I think I’m fine on that front.

im getting the same problem. tried multiple times no use, did a reset on the options since i only managed to log in first time i installed but didnt work either.

also im trying to avoid redownloading lol, any other solutions?

Unfortunately myself only have one suggestion to make currently, which was the one I mentioned.
Hopefully whoever has fixed this problem before could share some solutions.

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