Let me compare the old Drop mechanism with Patch 1.2 - Better drops! Praise the RNG! The different

hi guys
Let me compare the old Drop mechanism with Patch 1.2 - Better drops! Praise the RNG! The different
I’ll show you two screenshots that you can see clearly
PS: I invested the Crescent Shrien node into LV10 before enabling the node investment (it didn’t open the investment effect of the node before, so it doesn’t affect the drop).
I use Token of Crescent income and daily time as the standard of calculation
The first screenshot was from September 2 to September 7, and I was in Crescent Shrien for five days
The total of the Token of Crescent is 35000, and the average daily 7000+Token of Crescent is 2.5 to 3 hours
Pila Fe Scroll total 40+
The second screenshot is a screenshot of the same location on October 3
Total Token of Crescent 7500+2.5 hours, Pila Fe Scroll total 5.8
So you see something different? With the new drop mechanism and the investment of the node, I really feel helpless, now the drop is unmatched wonderful

Ive been saying this since it changed since i noticed a huge decrease in drops. The only answer you’re going to get is “rng is rng”

oh god, someone finnaly is talking about it…there is a huge decrease in drop rate indeed :(

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The funny thing about it tho, I used to get a lot more drops before the adjustment, and before nodes worked.
So now even with Lv. 10 nodes, I find way less items than before. I know it’s not simply “rng” because it’s consistent what i average an hour now vs what i averaged an hour before.

It is sadly just like you said @Fatality :( and i believe it also affected the enhancements rates as they are also using this new system on them (for some reason i lost 6 ogres rings trying just to PRI one ring, 2 fail on 34fs and 35fs, and another fail at 49fs with my other character)

Yes… Enchantment was changed and became harder, it would be fine if we had all the resources available for enchanting… but sadly we are limited on resources, thus making this server currently harder to play than retail.

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