Description: Ever since the server merge, I can’t seem to enter my house even though I own it because it has a sell option which I already tried and didn’t do anything. I tried to buy 2-1 and it works, the house icon appears. But I just love (2-3) in velia house and sad that it’s bugging out on me :/ It is grayed out as you can see in the pictures as if I don’t own it. The house icon on the left side of my screen isn’t appearing either for autopathing. I can’t seem to sell it too nor change it to different usages. I’m guessing it has something to do with my characters on two different servers having the same house and when it merged, it bugged out. I tried getting on characters from different server and tried selling, changing the residents, entering the house but nothing; same issue.

Update: I can enter my house (2-3) but not normally. I can enter via guild tab. I was in a guild in the official server and had this same house and never had this issue where I can only enter my house via guild tab. I still can’t do anything to (2-3) though. I can’t sell it, change it to different function. It’s still grayed out as well. The house icon on the screen isn’t there either. My bf is having the same issue.

After the big patch, I still to be having the same issue, except now when I entered the house (via guild tab), I don’t see my pets like I did before. I placed a chandelier before the patch and now it’s telling me “The household number is invalid” when I clicked on “Place Mode”.

Grayed out
Unable to sell
Guild tab

Family Name: CosmicRune
Main Character’s Name: SouzoumoriChan
Discord Name: CosmicYukiAiko#9274

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