[Quest] Kill the Seed

After completing the quest “Kill the seed” by Ustouvan and picking WP potion as reward (I’m a witch but there is no option for mana potion), my client instantly crashed and I cant log into that character anymore. Other character works fine just the one that receive the quest reward can’t log back in, it will instant crash the client whenever i try to log into that character. Any idea how to resolve this?
http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5780/5/ this is the quest, however the reward shown to me in game at that time are only wp potion and sp potion so i have no option to pick mp potion.

Things i tried: Restart computer, Repair the client using ogrefest’s repair.

Family: SRigel
Bugged character name: Regulus
Discord: Rigel #7071

Exact same thing happend to me.

Family: Kahn
Bugged character name: Chaera
Discord: Chaera#5117

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