Game Launcher download!

Hi! I have recently come across your game! and i am really hypes up to try it out and play but the problem is, The download time.
Last night at 3:02 AM I set my game to download and went to bed, Woke up this morning at 11:00 AM and it was only on 11.25%!!! How?! I have downloaded Battlefield 4 in less than an hour… My internet at home is very fast from a reliable internet provider.
It “Says” that the game is being downloaded at 3-5 and sometimes 7MB/s but i am still only at 11.80% by the time i am writing this.
Please help ASAP! I really want to try and play the game with some friends they’re hyped up too, But the one that invited me was the only one without any download speed problems.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have seen people asking the same as you. For example, in Regarding the download, Another way to download?, We need a Torrent Link : ).
Based on the replies, unfortunately I only see two ways to download the game other than using Ogrefest launcher :

  1. downloading the game from the official launcher if you have access to the retail game, then running the OgreFest Launcher and let it do its thing.
  2. Use other torrent program to download magnetic link torrent in C:\Program Files\OgreFest Launcher\Temporary Files

Well than ill give the second download a try… How does the torrent download work ?

You can find Ogrefest game torrent file using the way Jedimo mentioned in
We need a Torrent Link : )

For how to use torrent download client, you can google torrent client, there are plenty of freeware and guides available.

FYI, Ogrefest launcher acts like a torrent client downloading a torrent. Thus you’ll most likely get the same speed with an actual torrent.

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