We're recruiting/hiring! Open positions now!!

We would like to announce the opening of positions to the public! as we have noticed an increasing amount of people willing to assist players in the server and the discord. We would like to take this opportunity to officially accept these members to the staff. This is your opportunity to join the OgreFest team to help develop and support OgreFest for the entire world!

Community Manager - https://goo.gl/n855HF

GameMaster - https://goo.gl/6yfkjV

Developer - Paid position - https://goo.gl/S5UXEo

We are looking forward to seeing your applications only serious applicants will be accepted.

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Could you please write more details about the developer position? What are the expected technical skills? Is it part-time or full-time? Are looking for contractors or for permanent?


Edit: I’ve read the forum a bit more, I see now that you are looking for C++ & Java skills. That’s fine with me.

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may i ask what the common tasks of GameMasters are?

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i would love to apply as game master, what actually game master do?


@pushrbx Look forward to reading your application! :)

@poachyy @hazmi101 Hey fellas! Gamemasters will be tracking down and punishing those darn hackers and cheaters, answering the communities questions on support mediums, and likely working with the development team to do a bit of Quality Assurance/Testing on the side :)

Hi I like Your server The community has been very kind to me However Lets be frank here the server Has Issue Mainly Mob AI is Buggy And Does Not Aggro/pull/Group/Attack As Intended. I Will Fix This For You And Send You Script’s In the Form Of TxT files So You Will Not Feel Threaten From Downloading Or Viewing Them. I Don’t Want Paid Since And Again I mean No insult When I say This I probably Couldn’t be Afford.
I Have 20+ Years Of Coding exp. Mostly Malware And Anti Software Heck If I feel Like It I’ll code you A Better Anti-Cheat ^_^ Look Forward to Leaps And bounds =).

Hello. @Oldman
I’ve heard about you from hunago, and I know you’re a senior programmer, looking forward to your entry
By the way, I also like this server very much. If there is anything I can help, I will try my best. I mean the data of the bug collection and combat system in the game.
I’m an idiot about program editing:)

@Solstice great thanks!
I am actually planning on applying for a GM position since im watching this server grow for a good time now and was about to start playing the game more actively again.
Also im working as a full time sysadmin so that might be useful as well :)

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@poachyy Sysadmin experience too huh?! Looking forward to seeing you application! Let’s make some magic happen :tophat:


are you still hiring?

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