Player Fan art Event

Greetings, Adventures!

We would like to bring you a long overdue player fanart event. This event will start October 8th and continue to October 21st It will be based on a 1st - 3rd place ranking system and the winner will be chosen by the staff. During this event, you are to submit your created picture along with a short paragraph on the inspiration behind the image (BDO related content). Only one submission will be accepted from each player. We look forward to seeing your digital artwork. The rules for this event follows the ToS breaking them could result in immediate suspension of your account.

1st place:

  • Dandelion Weapon Box
    alt text

  • Pearls Box - 1500+125 x2
    alt text

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text

  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle

  • Gold Ingot 100G x3

2nd Place:

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
    alt text

  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle

  • Gold Ingot 100G x2

  • 1000 Pearls

3rd Place:

  • Gold Ingot 100G x2

  • 500 Pearls

Have fun all!

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Adventure of Adventurers
Me and my friend always wander around and get in trouble or die


「Black Spirit’s Power Couple」(ft. ChibiKnight’s KlavierCross :sparkles:)

An Angry Shark Man and his Vampire Pirate Husband tirelessly scour the regions in their never-ending quest for wealth, fame and power! With a little bit of help from everyone’s favorite hell thing, these boys have their hearts set on total conquest.

Land, sea and sand-- It will all be theirs. :crossed_swords:

(alternative description: my friend and i are extremely about these dads and this lore is real in our hearts)

0_1508541510086_bd fanart.png

My darling self together with my faithful companion running away from the troubles brought by a certain demonic entity!!

In hopes of a better future here!!!

{ps: I just got here, and I do not yet have finished downloading the client! /hahacry/ But I wanted to participate anyway. Had a bunch of problem playing on RedFox servers and honestly do not want to have to talk to their staff ever again.}

Euzinha e meu fiel companheiro correndo dos problemas causados por uma certa entidade demoníaca!!

Na esperança de um futuro melhor aqui!!!

{Ps: Acabei de chegar, ainda não terminei de baixar o cliente /hahachoro/ Mas queria participar de qualquer forma. Tive vários problemas em quanto jogava nos servidores da RedFox e honestamente não quero ter de falar com o staff de lá nunca mais.}
{ps2: agora já tenho personagem! Himeros Oneiroi}

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Another day another adventure!

Yo! Last minute omg I made it haha! I’m kinda new here, spent most of the day getting the client to work and painting this lmao. But here it is! These are me and a friend after finally getting into BDO again after so much trouble (same as person above we had lots of problems with the official servers so we were looking for an alternative), and thus these are them, my tamer and their mage, now back to lvl 1 but as ready as ever to come back and get on some adventures! As said, the inspiration was going back and finally trying to get a better experience with this awesome game!

PS: took some artistic liberties with stuff =p

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alt text
(ft. sleppu’s CyrilCasiano)

Dads sending a letter back home to the kids.

aka we ran our low lvl butts above the desert to get to valencia and made it almost on one piece

Everything has to begin somehow…
I hope there isn`t any prohibition against traditional drawings, but even if there is this was really fun to make anyway :blush: (sorry about camera quality, my phone is kind of old)


I want to thank everyone for entering the contest. We will review the submitted photos over the next few days and will be back with the results! Have fun everyone!


I would like to congratulate the winners of the Player Fanart contest! with the following placements

1st: jessym

2nd: sleppu

3rd: Vitantor

Congrats! Great job everyone!

would there be another event like this ? :frog:
I may be able to participate :)

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