<null> Error window

Each time i want to use any consumable item… HP, MP, SP- Pots. Pet food, Carrots… anything except Beer.

There is a popup window with this text: <null>
and i have to click on Yes(Enter) or No(ESC).

I can’t play like this as i need pots to fight anything after mediah.


Also on monsters:

And all the NPCs

And dialogues

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Have you tried running a full check with the client? Should fix file corruption and such.

Someone said it was a new bug that everyone has. If that fixed for you, maybe I should try doing that when I get home. I hope it will fix it for me.


Hit on repair 3 times now. Nothing fixed.

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Hey! We’re looking into this now.

I’ve noticed it’s only for people with the retail client (Tested it myself) I think it has something to do with newer files in the game folder not being compatible with ogrefest’s client, and also I tried the whole repair client thing and it didn’t fix it for me I don’t know much about how ogrefests client repairs the files but I think It just fixes the one it can read and not the unknown ones. I ended up redownloading the game from ogrefest and fixed the issue pretty quick. So It’s just better to redownload the client from ogrefest. (and if that’s what you did in the first place just reinstall it if nothing else worked.)

Deleted PAZ folder with 50gb. Redownloaded from OF and it’s fixed.

Game Master

Everyone who is having this issue it seems to be fixed by reinstalling the client using the OgreFest launcher only for a clean install of the client. The existing retail client may cause problems when using for OgreFest. As said before this is under investigation. Thank you all for your patience.

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I have this problem too and if I should reinstall OF client with clean download it would so hard for me to redownload it because the download speed that so slow even I have 10mbps download speed

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