Enemies dont attack?

I’m new to the server, is it normal for enemies to not attack?

I have not been attacked by any enemy so far, the server is not completed that’s why?
or its a bug with my character?

I’m new too and I’ve experienced the same thing, I think it’s the way the server is.

I went to an area with higher level monsters (50~) to see if its just the lower level ones that are like this
but they also did not attack.

It’s unfortunate that enemies are like this, but well when this gets fixed I will try this server again.

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Woops I literally made a thread like this and didn’t notice. Yea they don’t attack me either.

i notice to they didn’t attack me and sometimes i die instantly without doing nothing . can anyone explain this?


This happens when the server has not been restarted for a few days. It’s fixed with a quick restart.

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