Black Stone Powder Bug

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Description: I don’t know if this bug occurs elsewhere or to others, but I can’t store Black Stone Powder in the Velia Storage, it transfers from my inventory but doesn’t appear in storage, using a refinery to create some in Velia confirms that some was created in the chat but none actually appears despite the rough stone being consumed, I have relogged and attempted this five times over the last few hours, all black stone powder instantly vanishes when it is placed in storage, rough stone was able to be placed inside just fine though. This has caused a loss of 15 black stone powder, and while it isn’t really a rare item, it is needed for several workshop crafting recipes, namely the rafts I was prepared to make.
Proof:[link text](0_1504779952319_2017-09-07_253069345.JPG link url) As you can see here I had a worker create some black stone powder and it isn’t anywhere in my storage or inventory.

Contact Info:
Family Name: Olox
Character Name: Domar

Senior Game Master

It might’ve bugged. Try removing all your items from storage.

I know this an Old Topic, But I just faced a similar issue in Heidel Storage where I just stored my 6 hour work of Fine Tough Hide, only to find them bugged as a Blue Crystal Which I found out about after clearing all my warehouse and seeing I had 48 of something that can have one Instance
0_1515866830588_My Issue.JPG

::Solution ::

  • Processed 1x FIne Tough Hide and had it in my character inventory
  • Opened Heidel Storage, Claimed One of the buggy crystals, which i received as a correct crystal in my inventory
    P.S. I tried claiming all at once"48" Or “the Max number -1 which was 47 hides” and It DIDNOT work
  • After that I claimed one more buggy crystal which got my added to the Hide I had in my inventory
  • I claimed all the remaining bugged crystals at once and they were Successfully registered in my inventory yaaaay :D

I hope this helps , also thanks to a member who helped me figure this out , but i couldnot find an efficient way to share his Images so am going to post it as another reply because it might help visualize the issue and due to me lacking brains out of panic while trying to solve the problem to freaking take screen shots :disappointed_relieved: facepalm

EDIT: I managed to store back the Fine Hides Back into Heidel storage for the costume mill to work on, though I made sure to add only the outfit requirements and not anything else

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Reference Shots for the Issue Solution:


0_1515868096074_Reference 2.png



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