Is the dark knight DP bugged? Last year, I can solo farm on pirates, now it seems that my DP is not working and I am being killed by few pirates. Same with media mobs. Please fix.

Here are my Details:
Family Name: DarknessShadow
Character: QuenZhi
Class: Dark Knight.

Hi, we have made immense changes and updates since last year 2016, I’m afraid that it is no longer possible to take last year’s experience as a reference to bug report.

Further, the information that you provided are too little for us to take as a reference. Best if you could provide any video / screenshot proof, or any analysis you have made to conclude that Dark Knight DP is malfunction. This will make your report more reliable and will help us to examine on the matter much easier.

Before you, there is a player has made detailed report about DP and his analysis over here and here. We are aware with the presence of these reports and will look into any unusual findings.

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