Can't download, virus

Every time I try to download from the launcher, I get an error that just says it can’t download it because the files contain a virus. I’ve added it to my exceptions list already, I’m not sure what else I need to do.


I manually added this file to the exceptions list and set it to run as admin. Nothing I do will let me run the program because its being flagged as a virus.

First of all would like to tell you that you have posted in the wrong category. Next time if you face any launcher/connection issue you should posted at forum’s “Connection Problems” category.

About your problem, can you try right click both your "Ogrefest Launcher" & "Black Desert Online" folders > properties > untick read-only > ok and delete the file it stated error (in your case it is the CoherentUI_Host.exe) and let launcher to download it again?

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Sorry about that, I will post there next time if I have another issue like this. It was a problem with AVG, I ended up just switching to Avast and putting it in passive mode and that solved the issue. Thanks Roku.

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