Hello, Adventurer!

I see you seek knowledge on how to play OgreFest! Let me help you to get started in the quickest way possible!

1. Introduction

It is important that you know few things about your new adventure on OgreFest! We have established our servers 2 years ago as a passion project, we are still continuing the project with no plans of stopping.
It is most important that you know that we are relatively different from official, because we have a little higher progression around x4 to x6 and even if there is, this gap of progression between official servers and OgreFest servers, we are not willing to reset any of your progression, no "wipe" in other words.
The project has another goal, it is to provide the game to the rest of the world, where the game creators were not able to release to, not to mention that we want to create a single server for all regions, thus we are not limiting to region IP addresses and every single person is welcome!

In order to play on OgreFest, you must follow the steps, if you are lost, please contact our staff and your support shall be granted.

2. Account Creation

Every single user is identified using the forums. Your forum account is your game account, which you will need to obtain by registering in these forums. There is a button at top right, you can’t miss it! Once you have obtained your membership, you are hereby permitted to continue to the next step.

3. Launcher Installation

You will need to download the installer from here.
All requirements such as VC++ Redistubables and .NET Run-time is included in the installer. Every launcher update, you will be prompted with a new installer to update the launcher. It is also important that you do NOT install the launcher in the same directory as the game client (if you have one).
Once you have installed the launcher, you may proceed to the next step!

4. Game Installation

The game installation is fairly simple. All you have to do is open the launcher and authenticate to the server. Please note that the game only supports x64 operating system.
You will be prompted with a selection of where the game client should be installed. It is important to note, that the game client uses around 29 GB of storage, so you better have a nice and juicy hard drive to store the game client on! The game runs best with an SSD type of storage and x64 operating system. Depending on your internet speed, it will take about 3 to 10 hours to download the game client.

5. Game Updates

It is important to note that, you will always be up-to-date with our game client version. Sometimes when we release new content, there might be 1 to 5 GB of patches in order to update your game client. Typically, you might be required to have at least a 30 GB storage to assure that you have enough space for all the updates required and that there would be no in-update issues.
Our game updates are scheduled to be weekly for hot-fixes and monthly for content. It is important to note that, we take our time to deliver quality content and that in-game issues will be addressed daily with the daily restart.

If you have issues launching the game, or issues using the launcher please refer to the following topic.

6. Playing the game

Using our launcher, you can start the game and get into the world.
There are few important things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Family - represents all of your characters and also stores your achievements such as Quests, storage, horses and other in-game things.
  • Character - represents a single playable instance, where you will be able to kill other players, gain level and do per-character quests to improve your game-play experience.
  • Weather - the weather system has been disabled by default due to performance issues. To enable it on your client, type /weather in General (White) chat in-game.

The world of Black Desert Online is quite large and holds a variety of possibilities and best of all, we will try to bring new and new content on monthly schedule.

7. Language

If you require a different language, you may find downloadable patches here, although not every is supported yet and many more will be added in the future.

Thanks for choosing to play with us, we appreciate it a lot. Every single player is like a family to us. If you have any issue, please, please, please contact one of our staff members to be able to assist you!

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