Attendence rewards.

Hey there, I just wanna start of by saying I really am enjoying playing on the ogrefest servers,

I played for a good bit on the actual servers but it just seems so different after playing on the Ogrefest ones, But one thing I have noticed is that there is no Attendance rewards on the OF servers, Perhaps you guys might look into getting it to work as it is really important for getting things like Shakatu seals and such for ships and high tier end game content.

Another thing I noticed that is missing for me atleast, is the daily rewards, Stuff like loyalties and exp boosts are pretty handy it seems as there is a few items in the loyalties section that are useful.

Other than that everything seems perfect, Keep up the good work <3

Since we don’t have yet any of that content its not a big deal once patches start to flow again they will probably enable it as it was already talked about it on discord, but probably the rewards will be different from official to reflect better the state of the server.


I would like to see attendance rewards on OgreFest. Hopefully, we can figure a way to develop that feature. For now i will make a card for it to see if its possible :D

It would be pretty cool if you guys were able to make like your own attendance rewards, I saw somewhere people saying gathering was hard, so a day where you guys gave out certain materials for crafting and such would no doubt help alot of people, I mainly just want some Shakatu seals so i can get an epheria sail boat xD

Gathering isnt hard people are just lazy and wand fast stuff with little work so i do hope they do a custom attendence rewards but with things that make sense.

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