Very slow download

I got a 5mbps plan on my provider and the download speed from the launcher just playing from .2mbps-1.8mbps even if the Launcher (and the PC) is the only one running on my network and it’s like I’m downloading 5-10% a day. Is there any way to speed this? Thanks!

I’ve explored the “C:\Program Files\OgreFest Launcher” directory and in the “Temporary Files” folder, I saw a .torrent file. I copied all of that directory to another folder & run BitTorrent. I set it up by changing the bandwidth allocation & file priority to high but the problem here is there are only 3 Seeders on the torrent. If only someone seed the torrent more it would been a huge help!

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from PH here and we got the same DSL connection speed. it took me about 6 days to finish downloading. not to discourage you but with that connection, the in-game lag is gonna be horrendous. it is so bad that if not only for my interest in the game, i’d quit.

Same thing, i’m downloading at 10mb/s but i’ve juste donwload 100mb since 1hour … ? :(

Same problem as well, at first it downloaded over 40% in like 6-7 hours which wasn’t too bad… I started it again when I left for the day and it only got to around 60%…I started it again that night and it was only at 63% when I woke up, downloading at 5 KB/s. I guess this server was too good to be true lmao. At least there’s another private server to try.

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