Ingame problems

Hey guys, I’ve started playing this game an hour ago and I have a problem that doesn’t let me continue playing.
During the Training, in Step 3, it says ''Claws of Darkness (S+Left Click) Try using the skill. Well, I have been trying it for like 10 min, but i can’t use any ability because I have 0 skillpoints and i don’t even have a weapon. How can I pass this part?

по заданию бить маникена надо!

And where can i find those instructions? ^^

Если квест задание нету то нажми Esc там выбери “Интерфейс” и выставь! Если не поможет то вызови духа “,”

I’ve searched for it too, but the tutorial is not considered a quest, so it doesn’t appear. I was thinking about it and maybe the probleme is that the training tutorial is made to be done after getting some level and weapons, because my inventary is empty. Did you have any weapons when you passed that Tutorial? And if so, were did u get them? And how can I gain skill points, since im Lvl 7 and i have 0

Have you change your bind ?
They say S+LMB but if you change your ZQSD for other binds you have to adapt yourself !
You also have to do this skill on the scarecrow ;)

(I’m french sorry for my bad english)

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hey hi. same thing happened to me too and it turned out that i wasn’t equipped my weapons thats why i couldn’t be able to use my abilities. Hope this helpes.

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