Event/Feature Suggestion [Part 1] (Some Addition)

Event Suggestion: (A little editing from Roselle Post) [Possible to implement]

  • Screenshot Events ( Any theme/objective). Perhaps Every 2 or 4 Months? Fortnightly seems too tiring for players and GM’s, as it would cause lesser participation from players.

  • Video&Promo: Event where players promote the server. Maybe in regards of creating content in YouTube in intention to promote the server. Playing/Streaming in Twitch also to be considered. Or maybe writing blog about it?Encouraging sharing Server Facebook page post or make more people to like the server page ( this one should not be in the contest, just recommendation). The winner might be the one with most views (Youtube/Twitch/Blog). Prize? i think 10-30K of Pearls + 1K of memory fragment is good prize. Should have this kind of event once a Year or 6 months.

  • Scavenger Hunt: In regards of this, i have better idea. How about GM or DEV (if possible to do this), put kind of uncommon good item/drop in Random Mobs in certain area? Example: PEN liverto weapon (Just one of it, to make it rare) at helms area for limited time only. Don’t tell which type of mobs you hide the drop, just tell the area only (which means that any mobs, maybe including the small animal would have the item.) Maybe also put the time limit on finding the items. Example: Player must find the item within couple of hours (3 hours at most?). Furthermore, i recommend to make this kind of event weekly (weekend preferred).Maybe the announcement (every time the event started/ended) can be made through discord or maybe if possible though in-game announcement.

  • Death To PVPer’s like event: Similar to the official event, where GM (in this case mittens?) will be the the Angel of Death (LVL 60+ Sorcerer+Scythe with good AP+DP. New Account Maybe?) and slay everyone in his path. Maybe the best target is players who is grinding and players who focusing fighting with world boss/scroll boss. The angel of death event must be announced (when he is appeared in game) through in-game announcement (if possible) or in discord channel. But his location should not to be revealed. This where it would make players aware of their surrounding when grinding/outside safe zone at this time (safe zone is only safe haven from angel of death). Recommend this as a daily event (or maybe at least weekly event). This event should be at maximum 3 hours long and the time of Angel of death appears is depend on GM discretion (free time). The player who can kill this Angel of Death (if in group, the one last person who hit-to-kill the Angel) will be rewarded by GM an Rare Accessory item (Tri to Pen Accessory).

To Be Continued to Part 2…

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Да пусть просто сделают рекламку как на Евро так и на Ru, и уберут лаги!!!

Why make it the same as official,cant it be like an assassin or a “soldier” and make it like a warrior/ninja/kuno?

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