[Rentable] Container

I rented a container from Heidel warehouse manager and placed it in Kusha residence.
When I put some blackstones they dissapeared. They are not in Tarif or anywere.

Item ID: 3001
Proof (can’t really see that since items dissapear instantly): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/137705869025607680/379373511761854474/unknown.png

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I rented a container and placed it inside a house in Kusha. I then tried to put some loot inside and they just disappeared. The items didn’t go to Tarif. They’re gone. I don’t mind losing the loot but I’m letting you guys know before someone puts in something rare and loses it.


I’ve only tried kusha since I was going to grind at sausans. I haven’t tried it in other places in the game yet.

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