Low speed and high fluctuation in download rate.

Hello, I’m from Brazil and I have 10Mbps internet plan which secures me to download at between 1MB/s - 1.5MB/s in normal conditions.

Since I started downloading the game I’m having this problem:

My download speed is varying from 20KB/s to 1.5MB/s in very short period of time which makes me unable to determine how fast I’m actually downloading.
To give some real numbers I’m more than 20 hours downloading and it got only 10GB downloaded.
I should say that the speed is incredible slow since I could’ve downloaded it in less than 13 hours at full speed.

Is there a way I could fix it? Some suggestions to make it at least a little bit faster?


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Client acts as a torrent client downloading the game the low speed is mostly due to low seeds. You can try a vpn to see if it helps with connection or use a proper torrent client with open ports.

Is there a way to download this from a torrent client? How could I do that?

If you started to download via launcher there should be a torrent file in C:\Program Files\OgreFest Launcher\Temporary Files

thanks Swetter it work and the download rate is faster than the launcher

I have the same problem, so switched to torrent. So far, speeds are better than client. But, overall download speed is around 50-100kb/s, sadly.

Thanks Setterwing for the tip.

yo dure 3 dias descargandolo jejejje XD

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