Kill the Ogre event!

Greetings Adventurers,

I would like to thank and congratulate the champions who successfully defeated the Mutant Ogre on OgreFest for the first time ever! These adventures fought a tough battle and will be forever marked in OgreFest history!


These champions will be rewarded for their hard work and participation in this champion event!
Congratulations everyone and happy hunting!

Regards, GM_LoliMittens

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Лучше сделали гильдии квест рабочими!!! А не огров V раздавали!!!
Вы как я понел помогаете токо Американцам??? Серв катится в пропасть!

I want to know that this so-called activity is to be used as propaganda?
Or encourage online gamers?
What do we end up with?

What ended up being the reward? and was it handed out yet? I didn’t see anything pop up in my mail.

The reward was Soiled ring i believe. Contact mittens, he asked in discord for people that participated to contact him for the reward.

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