EXP-Rates clarification please.

So I’ve read the available Topics about the EXP-Rates being 4x Combat here, 15x Horse Breed there etc. copy paste posted by CM’s.
What I didn’t understand tho is that someone said Horse Breeding on the Original BDO Server would be 13x or 14x, whilst on this Private Server it’s 15x.
Then I saw many people say that the EXP Rates on this Private Server aren’t any differ from the Original BDO Server.

What I am confused about is the Statement of claiming the EXP-Rates would be 15x Higher in Horse Breeding for example by CM’s, though in reality it is not?

Second thing is people say that the Leveling here takes a long time, for some it even seems slower than Original BDO Servers? I don’t know man I couldn’t find any clear answer about the EXP-Rates in any Topic or Comment…

All this is confusing - this whole thing is confusing and needs clarification in my view.

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When comparing rates to the Official server, The official server rates would be considered base 0 or even 1 if you may.

So that would mean since ours are x<#> this would mean we got as close to base Official rates as possible then bumped it by that much.

As of now, Official has updated its rates to allow for easier leveling, this is why it looks like growth here is slower. That would be true if we were to keep the rates the same.

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