Stuck at Central Lemoria Camp

WHAT: Stuck under the map at Central Lemoria Camp. I am constantly falling.
alt text

HOW: I used the escape function near Behr, near Hexe, and it brought me here. alt text

WHO: Family name: Maui Character name: Soojin
Discord: ricemonkey43

I’ve tried the Escape but it just brings me back to the same location.
I’ve also tried Rescue but it says " This cannot be used right now"
I’ve obviously tried to Relog/ Change Character but I still spawns at the same place.

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I am also stuck, in the Lemoria Guard Post. Tried to go to red battlefield, and come back out, still stuck. Cannot move around.

Escape brings me right back to it.

Family Name: Logorin
Character Name: Lias

Discord: Cipher-Five#4109

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