Installing Update stuck

i’m a new player about to install the client. the 50GB client was finished but then the client download again the new update(about 46mb).
Since the launcher installing updates it’s stuck on on 0kbps, it doesnt donwload the patch?
please help me here… am i doing something wrong here?
I have tried to restart the launcher it’s still stuck

I’m having the same problem I’m installing repeatedly and I can never reach the end and locked in 0 as well.Obg
If you find out how to fix this problem please let me know.

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I had the same problem re-installing the launcher didn’t help me. :P

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Did you also delete any registry entries? :thinking:
If not, try it, hopefully that’ll fix it.

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what do u mean delete entries ?

me too, anyone have a solution!

@ivanbiondo I am doing a video of how to install the black desert of ogre fast with the files hosted in the gdriver to help the personnel I go ahead the file of 46 mb here for you later it leaves the complete tutorial sorry for my bad English because I speak Portuguese

Update to exit the 46 mb update
Part 12:

o cara, resolveu metade do meu problema hehe, agora ficou com 85%
antes tava fazendo downlod normal, agora nao baixa mais, ja desinstalei varias vezes o launcher, removi do registro tudo q tinha e nada

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@ivanbiondo Estou fazendo um tutorial nesse exato momento tenho os links de todo o jogo hospedado no gdriver sao 11 partes de 4.7 gb provavelmente tera que baixar tudo dinovo si nao passar dos 85 % ai fique de olho no meu canal que logo vou solta o vide-o

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