Launcher don't start anymore

Its about 2 weeks since i can’t start the game anymore, the launcher never appear on my screen.

the last time i played, the game lost connexion to the server and i won’t be able to restart it again (the OF launcher appear in the tasks manager but use 0% of the disk, processor and network)

i tried to reinstall the launcher but its the same.
my last problem was to remove the “remember me” option but now i fixed it, and now its this one.

Thanks if anyone can help me!

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When you uninstalled the launcher, did you also remove its registry entries? If not, try uninstalling it again but this time remove the registry stuff as well. Use IObit Uninstaller or similar. Then install it anew.

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I have uninstalled the launcher with IObit uninstaller and remove the registry entries. I need to reboot the PC?

because i have installed it again just after the cleaning but it still the same…

0_1513098810008_OF task.png

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Try adding it to the list of exceptions of anything that could block it. AV, firewall, etc.

It is already enabled in the firewall and AV exclusion.

This can’t be that…

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Check if you’re missing any redist stuff from your PC.

redist? where can i found this?

idk what can i do now. i can’t play :(

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i installed the 2017 c++ package update but not working (this is my only game that i can’t run, so i think this doesn’t come from c++)

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The vcredist packs I have:

Additionally, you can also try turning UAC off temporarily if you have it on.

I have tried to start without UAC but this is not better. i taekd sceen to show you my c++ files:0_1513376125682_Capture1.PNG 0_1513376135533_Capture2.PNG 15 program in total

The game worked good before. Idk why now its like this. :/

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This might be just stupid but try creating another user account on your PC, switch to it then try running the launcher.

I tried with another account local and admin but this is the same ^^¨¨

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So it was indeed stupid… Welp I’m fresh out of ideas. :thinking:

the laucher have nothing to do with the game files? if i download them again it will be the same right?

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Anyway, although it might not be a great idea to suggest something like this, but you could try the torrent @Lavayar posted in General, see if that makes a difference.

no problem i have now a ssd and i reinstalled all my games. The launcher start now but when updating files he is stuck at 99.96%, so i disable the read only on the game file and the launcher file, i added them as exception in fire-wall and AV but stay stucked at 99.96% so idk what to do. :3 0_1514291542209_OFlauncher01.png

lol, they need too fix luncher beacuse its so buggy.

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