Any plans of changing the exp rates

Is there any plans of changing the exp rate? I know the server has the 4x exp rate based on the old version of the game, but lately the offical servers are so much faster to level up.

I really hope its not THAT bad
I switched over from steam because I thought exp was better?

On official they reduced how much exp it takes for each level by 33%, They also increased how much exp you gain from desert mobs by 25%. Before pirates used to be the end all be all grind spot but because of this change that has switched to desert naga ( they are right next to grand bizarre which make it far less risky to grind, aswell as 3 different grind spots )

that being said, i would also like to see a rate increase. But I would still need to run tests to see if this server is indeed faster. On live i can go from 1-57 in just under 5 hours and 25mins (Just recently made a mystic and timed it) I expect this server to be slightly longer since i also had gear prior to hand over.

If you do time, I’d like to know as well. I was on official and the leveling and gearing from 58+ was what killed me. BDO became a second job >.<

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