Hi everyone, it has been a long time since we have done patch notes, though we will do a beginning of one starting today.

Each patch note is now identified using Patch X.Y .

  • X. represents major patch which is usually monthly or bi-weekly.
  • .Y represents minor patch which is usually daily or every few days.

Patch 1.0

  • The forum has now been revamped.
  • The launcher has been revamped.
    • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that didn’t allow users to authenticate using different casings. Now email address should be case in-sensitive.
    • Hotfix: Implemented force-recheck feature into the launcher to prevent full client downloads.
    • Hotfix: Implemented a check that if you have our client or an existing one of v491, you would not need to do a full file-check during Installing Client step.

Developer notes: We wanted to do an overhaul on current OgreFest features, to be able to create a better working environment for each user. By revamping the forum, we are now able to submit more quality-wise patch notes and content that we want to release in the future, we also wanted to ease up the process of connecting to our game servers, so we have revamped the launcher and added full file repair support to it. We hope that these changes will reflect the quality and to continue supporting new players entering the game!

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