Failed to download

So im having issues even downloading the game, I get frozen on download screen and only way i can get it to respond is going to settings and letting it crash

alt text

Same here… stuck on 48%… and i have been downloading it for like about 36hrs… with 200Mbit net speed… there is something wrong… and noone is replying to post to help me out with this problem…

I got the same here… Dunno what happening

glad to know im not alone lol, just stuck at 0% for too long

I have the exact same problem. Only difference is i’m stuck @ 0%. The more people who have this prob, more of a chance it will be fixed in a timely fashion!

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Reinstalling didn’t change anything, either.

Same problem, somebody with a solution would be much appreciated.

I get the same error if I change settings and it crashes. The Launcher download now is showing (0 Bytes/s) and won’t download anything.

Radio silence from dev team.

probably maintenance on their side,same issue here.

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No maintenance that I know of.
And unfortunately I’m not sure what’s causing this issue… :thinking:

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Exact same problem over here.

on discord mittens said “Mittens-Yukima - Today at 1:57 AM
We’re looking into the problem guys”

i have a same problem i hope, the problem will be fixed soon

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Still no fix… cant even download the client

people still having problems… keep this thread up guys till’ its fix

I have similar problems, too.

I was able to play the game in the morning but then i accidentally clicked on ‘repair client’ and it got stuck on 99.98% and didnt go finish
i delete everything, redownloaded the client and saw the download doesnt start at all, its stuck at 0%, 0kbps speed and time to complete is 999:24:42
my brother can still play so i copy pasted his game and now its again stuck on 99.98%
Please someone help me

Use the xigncode files fix. We have the exact same problem and that solution worked for me.

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