[Solved update stucks]

Download this : https://www.sendspace.com/file/nbxkce

and copy files and paste to the C:\programfiles\OgrefestLauncher\Content


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for who has update stuck in 0% i’m upload the updates u need only copy and paste

1 copy and paste start client and close client

2 copy and paste files of xingcode_3 start client and close
make this for all xingncode paste files

works for me

now my error is coherentUI64.dll if someone can upload they’re coherentUI64.dll for me it would be great

i did all the copy and paste and still get this


This works for @7jackdaw on Discord

  1. Download the files posted in the forum. http://community.ogrefest.online/topic/407/solved-update-stucks (this post)

  2. Once you DL all of them, just copy paste the Xigncode, Xingcode_3 - 5 [ONE BY ONE]

ex. Copy paste Xingcode to your whatever drive:> Ogrefest launcher folder> Content - paste it here overwrite it.

  1. Once you finish doing the first Xigncode, Execute the Ogrefest launcher/client then it will patch

– if you get an error just ignore it —

note: For my case I already finished installing it. If you have the option to repair client, try it as well. The problem with mine was it was stuck at 99.96% @ 0 kbps.

Anyway, 4.

once you finish all the copy paste of all the 5 folders, the last once your finish up the patch without any errors.

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@xiangz merhaba lütfen yardım Failed to start download due to internal error error message CrimsonDesertLauncherExt.dll Application cannnot run with this internal error please contact the support bu hatayı alıyorum

you need to reinstall your launcher properly first then.

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