0 bytes download !

i tryed to copy the game from my friend he didn’t have the updates so i instaled new luncher after cheking the files it is stuck on 67.11/100 and with 0 bytes of download please help me !!alt text

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Okay im sorry for saying this. But is there anyone even trying to fix from side of administration? It’s been like 4th day that im trying to get myself on-to game…
Guys, any fixes? Please?!

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Hi folks,

You may try these steps

  • Go to C:\Program Files\OgreFest Launcher\Temporary Files and click on the torrent file you may need to have utorrent installed and let it download. You will removed it later on.

  • Open your ogrefest launcher and wait till it finish checking files, once launcher finish checking files it should start downloading again.

  • Once you the launcher is downoading you can remove the torrent from utorrent.

Repeat these steps in case you close your launcher and it does not download or stuck again. Share and help others in case it works on your end :)

@ninjamon hey man thanks that helps but the download take for ever … 4 h with 2mb/s and it is just 70/100 now

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@acidhunter Yeah their Trackers are down

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