[Item Effect][Dark Knight] Epheria Marine Underwear

Item ID: 54925

Description: As you can see in the screenshots below, i’m not getting the +1 Luck bonus from this underwear. I’ve bought the same for my sorceress and i get the effect in her but not in the dark knight. Tried relogging, wearing the underwear and without wearing it but nothing changed. Any chance to fix this issue? If not, which underwear (for dark knight) isn’t bugged? Thanks!

Contact Information:

  • Family Name: Tokin
  • Character Name: Laralle
  • Discord Name: meneraing#9543

Without the underwear

Wearing the underwear

DK, Mystic , Lahn are same i guess. The bug existed for so long and devs still couldnt fix it. No reply too, nice

None of the classes have working underwear +1 Luck, either it’s a bug or was disabled iirc

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