some event ideas

here i have some ideas for events on this server… i think that these would be quite useful for the players.

  1. Golden Dagger Event
    this is a Event where you already know from the official server.
    Golden Dagger can drop from Monsters
    Golden Fisches from fishing
    and Golden Backpacks from Gathering
    this items can sell to the npc for 5Mio

  2. BlackStone and Shard Event
    BlackStone and Hard / Sharp Shards have higher Dropchance in this Event
    (Event from Offical Server)

  3. surprise boxes event
    you can from grinding, fishing and gathering become pieces from a surprise Chest. When you have 5 Pieces you can make a Chest and open these.
    In this chest things could be like:
    Hard / Sharp Shards
    Energytonic and such things :)
    (own idea)

  4. Snowflake Event
    you can from grinding, fishing and gathering become a snowflake.
    Collect some Snowflakes to become a random chest from a npc.
    for example
    5x Snowflake = Blackstone Chest
    15x Snowflake = Random accessori Chest
    30x Snowflake = Little Pearl Box
    50x Snowflake = Boss Weapon or Armor Box
    80x Snowflake = Random Horse Box t6-t8 Chance :)
    (own Idea)

These are only some from me ideas but You can vary these as you like

i never played BDO official… this is my first time playing the game
started playing days ago… but i like the idea of events … ^_^

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