Launcher problem

Hey everyone,

So, i installed the launcher and run it, it asked me to choose a game directory, i choosed the directory of my actual BDO (Steamapps…), it checked my files and “start” a download, but it never really start, i’m always at 0 ko/s, i checked my connexion but there is no problems. Any idee ? :kissing:

(PS: Sorry for my english)

Now it closed with this message: “Failed to know download statue” and restart checking files after restarting

@DRiiNK We all have that problem, i spend 2 fuckin days to try to install this game, i dont even what to do xd

i listed all the “fixes” for all known issues with the launcher
launcher wont work nowadays … but there’s another way to download it
look here

Ok i’ll look at that, thanks :)

Edit User.config worked fine for me, thanks ! :)

Help me with my application code does not work please.

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