Failed to init security and part 12: 46mb update

I downloaded and installed everything + done everything writed in troubleshot fix , xingcode etc and its looks like game downloaded everything (and laucher installed 46mb update too at least i think it did) and the main page for open game came but when i press start ogrefest it says [failed to init security] :( i tried everything in this forum to fix it even tried other things and ofc game is in excluded list both in antivirus program and firewall, still nothing works, i keep getting that error:( i tried repair files too but then it give error in na/1 xcorona_x64.xem which is in that 46mb update then it gone 0bt :(

And Part 12: the rar wont open i downloaded it a few time and it gave error each time says files corrupted/broken or missing
(By the way is there a file name xxd-1.xem originaly in OgreFest Launcher\Content\bin64\xc\na\2 and OgreFest Launcher\Content\bin64\xc\na\1 or its only xxd-0.xem and xxd-2.xem bc i have 0 and 2 but not 1 in both na\1 and na\2 file)

Edit 1: Now laucher repaired the game fully but still wont open, says [failed to init security]

Thx for any answer b4hand:)

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@ayse is it still now working?

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@pr0x1ma1 Yea its still not working saying failed to init security im new player downloaded 50gb and cant play the game its just so sad :(

@ayse PM me on discord …

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