[Investigating] [Quest] Ghost from a pumpkin?

Quest ID: 2100/48
whenever i interact with any of the quest items (press R in front of any of boxes) nothing happens
and there is a box with an enemy inside even after killing it nothing happens still can’t interact and the quest doesn’t update


Contact Information
Family Name: DeaDEviL
Main Character’s Name: Miyo12
Discord Name: deadevil_x#9643

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Joy of Harvest: ID: 1074/2 The turkeys are missing from the farm entirely. (edit: didnt realize it was an imperial trading quest)

Ghost from a Pumpkin? Quest ID: 2100/48 The pumpkin seedling boards do nothing when interacted with. there is one pumpkin ghost that spawns automatically but does not drop the required quest item/no credit is given for the kill.0_1529719982550_2018-06-22_350691294.JPG

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