Launcher [V9]:

  • Added missing dependencies that are required for the launcher and the game to function.
  • Improved detection of existing client. It will now skip to checking smaller batch of files, rather than the full client that you already have.
  • Downloader will no longer use a disk cache pool, which improves overall performance of read and write.
  • UPNP and NatPMP has been enabled for players under strict firewall rules so that you would be able to connect to our download servers.
  • Implemented DHT and improved overall connection performance.
  • The required ports for download will now be automatically port forwarded if your router allows us to.
  • Implemented a feature that tells you why the download failed or has stopped. For example a file is in use by another process or similar.
  • Improved error detection by download system to report to users for closer inspection and possibly to be able to fix it.


  • Implemented damage meter.

Developer Note: This week we would like to focus on addressing issues on connecting to OgreFest private server. Today, we have released a small patch to create correct connection patch to the server, without needing extra tools.

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