Cant connect on Ogrefest-NW server

I had this issue from months ago before the new launcher but never bothered to look for a fix because i didnt have much time to play the game anymore. But i decided to come back to the game and the error is still there but only for the Ogrefest-NW server. I can connect to the testers server just fine, its only the NW server that i cant connect to. I pretty much end up getting a failed to connect and the game closes afterwards. Using a vpn seems to work but i dont know how much it will affect my ping and if it can cause a ban. I tried the file repair from the launcher but no luck. Anyone know how to fix this or do i just play with a vpn?


This could mean that you have been banned from the server

This isnt actually my main account. Its the one that i made to see if it will work but it didnt.
As far as i know i cant connect to the NW server after i stop playing for a week or more before coming back only to see that i cant access the server.


Have you ever connected to OF before?

Yes with my main account. It ended up happening when i came back after several days of not playing. I made this account to see if i can login but i cant.

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