I have a huge amount of Experimental proposals that could make this game very exciting.
The question is only what you can bring to life ?
For example.

  1. introduction to the game Dungeons , world bosses with Guild, or just doing Guild quest to get a scroll of call the World barefoot, It will give the opportunity for young players due to the lack of a huge community, produce their own top items.
  2. If it is possible to add other items with interesting appearance, and not as the rags that gave us publisher )
  3. Enter dungeon for mining the reputation of a war, slow-growing , with the special stores of war, which will this reputation to sell reinforced potions of life and mana, so you can scrolls to exp + Make there weapons and armor that are Stronger than 10-15 % Maskana,GIAS and others ( not compatible with other), but available for both dungeons and world PVE.
  4. Replace in-game karma. on the Profession - the Executioner + Lekar + (Burglar-opening the boxes and removing the shackles)
    in this connection, to introduce a number of Reputations that will be in game guilds to give a lot of interesting quest.
    And a lot of different ideas .

If you would be interested to implement them in this or any other game , I’m willing to help you. I’ve been looking for a good completely absorbs you in the game. And according to Korean news , no chance to do ourselves!

If you have something of the above written interested contact me best through my email. I am ready to describe all the details for each item.
And to write dozens or hundreds of options.
Thank you for your attention.

kikorik while I am glad to see your enthusiasm you have to remember that this project is slow moving at the moment since they do not have enough fulltime developers and coders as well as graphic workers on it yet. So while you should com up with interesting ideas for the game you might want to keep them to yourself at least until the biggest issues have been solved and adressed such as the many bugs as well as the many lacking features in the game yet to come.

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