*Sorceress* Multiple Skills

ID: 1783 - Cartian’s Protection (RMB) - 100% black spirit part

  • The problem with this skill is the 100% black spirit part of it does no work like it should. When 100% of the black spirit is consumed, this skill should be creating a black hole that pulls mobs and other players in for the duration of the skill. Currently it does nothing.

ID: 1801 - Flow: Cry of Darkness - Shift + Space ( After Shift + RMB )

  • Issue with this skill is in the PvP aspect, most of the time the blade does not fly anywhere, nor do any damage to the other player. It just explodes in place, consuming fragments of darkness but does nothing. ( Rarely it does work as it should).

ID: 1780 - Turn Back Slash - S + RMB

  • In PvE the skill is supposed to pull mobs into the attack, essentially putting you behind them. This skill currently only spins in one spot, without pulling mobs in.

Fire ball seems to be messing up to. Doesn’t do any damage 8/10

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