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**Hello everyone
I have a little issue with game installation , i’ve been playing on the server before ( the server closing ) and now i see that ogrefist is still alive and that’s awesome so i wanted to get back on , the problem is i have already the official BDO installed on , and i wonder if i can use it’s files instead of re downloading the game from the beginning , i tried to check the files and everything but it seems like ogrefist launcher start downloading the game after checking the files , is there a solution or i’m doing things wrong ?! , thanks **

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EU/NA Black Desert Online run on the so called “Optimized Client” in which the size has been roughly cut in half. While OgreFest runs on the old client (50GB).

Due to this it is unlikely that you’ll be able to simply downgrade your installation through the launcher.
If you’re low on disk space I recommend you to uninstall your official copy of EU/NA prior to installing OgreFest.

Thanks for your respons , i do better understand the situation now thank you , so seems like downloading the ogrefest version it’s the only way to play huh

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Indeed it is, hope it works out for you!

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