Launcher issues [Patch 1.0]


We have made a strong overhaul over the current launcher system, so there might be issues using it, I will try to post the solutions to the problems here, that will be fixed in the future patch once we know how to fix it internally.

Q: I am stuck on 99% and the launcher won’t update anything!

It appears that if you have used a torrent client, that has been provided for approximately one month on our old forums, this issue is directly affecting the torrent users.

To fix this issue you must do the following:

  • Close any torrent client that is open.
  • Right click on your Black Desert Online directory
  • Un-check Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)
  • Click Apply and select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files0_1504889205477_upload-92774167-c172-41f0-b933-2270643244fc
  • Click OK and again OK after it finished applying the attributes.
  • Restart the launcher and you are good to go!

Q: The launcher is downloading 50 GB, but I already have client installed!

In this case, there should have had been a prompt that you have this and that client version. If there was no prompt, it means you have selected the directory incorrectly. If you want to reset the configuration and try selecting the directory again, you are able to do this:

  • Open RUN using START + R.
  • Type %appdata%/../Local/OgreFestBDO/ and press ENTER
  • Delete every folder that starts with CrimsonDeserLauncher.exe
  • Restart your launcher and you should be able to select the directory once again.

Q: I cannot open Settings from the launcher!

This feature is still not available in the current launcher, but it will be added fairly soon thus you cannot open it just yet.

Q: How to logout from my account?

If you have used Remember Me, you can logout by simply restarting your computer. An easier option will be implemented for logging out in the future.

If more issues are found, please post here so I would be able to find the solution for it. Thank you!

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Hello, their is no way to path game to folder. It downloading the 50GB

Hello, I have updated the guide, please check it!

Do i just put <setting name=“GameVersion” serializeAs=“String”><value>2</value></setting> anywhere? :/

@Mokesh Hi, it should look somewhat like this:
alt text

Hey I having some issues with the launcher, every time I try to open it an error apears:0_1504650475770_erro 1.png

@Mikodenai Hello! It seems that you are missing some library that is required for the launcher to function.

Would you mind verifying if you have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistubable installed for x86 and x64 ? The versions required should be: 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017.
You can find the redistributable library here.

If you are still having the issue, would you mind installing OpenSSL libraries from here ?

Please report back, if it works or does not work ! Thanks!

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Hi @Mikodenai and @Mokesh, I have just pushed a new launcher update. This should resolve the issues that you are currently having. If there is another issue that I can assist you with, please notify me! Thanks!

Hello how to fix this error

I’m getting Failed to init security :-(

@millenaria @sophia616 Hello! This issue should be resolved now. If not, please post again, I will take a closer look.

@TheObserver still getting failed to init security error. i tried deleting xc folder inside bin64 folder and file repair them using new ogrefest launcher still no luck 0_1504660958282_xigncode error.jpg

@sophia616 Hello, I advice you to take a look into official server zendesk with the information available here.

firewall off
added black desert installation folder to exclusions
disable anti virus
still no luck, i have the updated OS windows 10 64 bit.
Btw thanks for helping


i followed the steps now i got this

I have the same problem about the “files have been corrupted”

@rizkinay said in Launcher issues [Patch 1.0]:


how about this?

Same issue here… D:

I, too, have this problem. How to fix?
P.S I’m from Russia

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Everyone gets the same error. Just keep calm and wait for a fix.

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