[Fixed] Datu Varudatu NPC is missing from Altinova tavern

This NPC is a part of the DUO offhand questline

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First of all you should relog or go away 100-150 meters then go back to see if the NPC in question appears.

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[NPC] Datu Varudatu

Item ID: 44637

Description: NPC is missing from tavern in Altinova, he’s required for magical sub-weapon III quest. I tried going away and coming back, or re-logging, tried this multiple times on different days, problem persisted. I saw reports on official game’s forums that he was missing too back in September and that was fixed.

[NPC] Rulupee

Item ID: 35678

There’s another quest saying to meet an npc named Rulupee and its pointing at the exact same spot, and Rulupee is also missing.


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I can confirm that both NPC are not to be found at anytime of day/night cycle.
thought i’d bump instead of re-posting

i’d also like to bump this as i cant find these npcs during any cycle

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